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About Us

Painting: Peter Annable (MGRA)

Mike Musson Collection

Commercial Sources of Signalling Diagrams

Please note that Warwickshire Railways' does NOT sell any of the Signalling Diagrams on this website. We host such information by agreement with the Signalling Record Society, who have kindly given their support to Warwickshire Railways. To order any Signalling Diagrams you need to contact the address at the bottom of this page.

Signalling Record Society (S.R.S.)

The Signalling Record Society was formed in 1969 to cater for those interested in railway signalling. At that time the subject was much neglected, little having been written about it. The Society aims to maintain and share knowledge of Railway Signalling and Operation in the British Isles and Overseas. The Signalling Record Society provides a range provides a range of services, which can assist members in their study and research of signalling topics. This includes a central archive of various documents relating to railway signalling, containing operating instructions, signalling diagrams and contractor’s publications. The Society publish a variety of signalling books, photographs and drawings, which may be purchased. For the purchase of Signalling Diagrams or further enquires please contact the S.R.S. either by visiting their website or write to:

SRS Drawing Office Sales
Ray Caston
22 Pentrepoeth Road
NP10 8LL

Please ensure that you send a SAE with your queries. Please note too that the society is run by volunteers who support enthusiasts in their spare time.