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LMS Route: Stratford Midland Junction - The Shakespeare Route

E&WJR and SMJ - Locomotives and Rolling Stock: smjsa410


A Gauge 1 tinplate model of a Greaves Lime or Cement wagon in East and West Junction Railway livery. On the side of the wagon is the legend 'Empty to Ettington'. This was a typical instruction on many Private Owner wagons requesting the wagon to be returned to its home depot. The reference to 1909 on the plate on the solebar would in normal circumstances relate to the builder of the wagon. It maybe, as this is a model wagon, the manufacturer has used the numerals as a symbolic gesture to the cessation of the East & West Junction Railway as in 1909 it became part of the Stratford Midland Junction Railway. Its not known how accurate the livery is but as it was manufactured pre-1914, the manufacturer's would have access to information very recently in the public domain.

Courtesy of Peter Strange of www.duckendrailway.co.uk