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LMS Route: Stratford Midland Junction - The Shakespeare Route

E&WJR and SMJ - Locomotives and Rolling Stock: smjsa280


SMJ six-wheel coaches, displaying the company's crimson livery, stand on the up line at Stratford station before the construction of the new signal box. The coach on the left is No 6 which was a composite comprising a central pair of first class compartments flanked either side by third class accommodation. The coach to its right is No 10 which featured windows in the end panel of the coach and a guard's compartment in the centre portion of the coach, but without duckets, complete with a pair doors for loading large objectives. The late period livery, crimson with gold lining and white roof, was very heavily influenced by the Midland Railway. As SMJ No 10 the coach was a 1909 rebuild of a 3rd class coach for use as a Director's Saloon. In 1902 EWJR coaches were fitted with electric lights supplied by Messrs Eccles of Stratford. Batteries were stored in the Guard's compartment and charged and changed at Stratford.