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Rugby Shed: lnwrrm2613a

Close up showing

Close up of image 'lnwrrm2613' showing a representation of Rugby's engine shed on the left and the coaling stage on the right. This crude drawing is derived from Measom's Guide to the North Western Railway published in 1859. The coaling stage is described in an 1863 plan as a 'coke shed'. There are two round topped doorways in the centre of this structure, one of which might be the opening of seen above and behind LNWR Southern Division 2-2-2 Lady of the Lake class No 804 'Soult' in image 'lnwrrm349'. The shed itself is shown as a series of gable fronts extending to the left and behind the footbridge abutment. This building is in the position of a radial shed on the 1863 plan. The radial shed had tracks running into it fanwise from the east and was a quite narrow curved building, with individual side-by-side rooms to accommodate one locomotive plus tender in each, a design similar to sheds seen in France and Germany.

The above information, together with the information contained in the captions of the other images of Rugby's early sheds, is derived from an article by Harry Jack in the L&NWR Society's Journal (Volume 1, No 8, September 1995).