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LMS Route: Trent Valley Line

LMS Route: Nuneaton to Leamington

Nuneaton Station: lnwrns1673

View of Nuneaton's No 1 Signal Box's Diagram showing the line to Leicester at the bottom and the line to Coventry at the top

View of Nuneaton No 1 Signal Box's Diagram showing the lines to Leicester at the bottom and the lines to Coventry at the top. The diagram shows the Midland Railway's line to Leicester was the up with the line to Nuneaton being the down. The LNWR line from Nuneaton to London was the up whilst the line from London to Nuneaton was the down. In this instance both the 'up and down' lines of the MR and the LNWR share the same configuration so that the MR's up line joined the LNWR's up line. This was not always the case as the LNWR, in common with most English railway companies, had London as the destination of the up direction but the Midland had Derby as their up destination. This reflected the fact that the Midland Railway was very much a provincial company until they opened their extension to St Pancras in 1868 and therefore almost literally all lines led to Derby. Consequently, at certain locations where the two companies lines met, a train could depart on the LNWR's down line and when it joined the MR's lines it continued on the up line.