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LMS Route: Rugby to Leamington Spa (Avenue)

Birdingbury Station: lnwrbird3967


An unidentified ex-LNWR 2-4-2T locomotive, in 'Push-Pull' mode, is propelling a two-coach train to Rugby whilst pulling a four-wheeled van behind its bunker. Two passengers arc about to join this train, one apparently carrying a coal scuttle. The station building is uniquely different from its fellow branch stations. The platforms are illuminated by oil lamps, and have well attended gardens and pots on the up platform. The boarded porter's crossing running between the two platforms in the centre of the station were for railway staff only, the step down being sufficiently difficult for most but the most able passenger. This saved the porters the longer route, compelled on passengers, which was to walk to the Rugby end of the platforms and cross by a wider boarded crossing.