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LMS Route: Grand Junction Railway
LMS Route: Birmingham New Street to Lichfield
LMS Route: Birmingham-Soho-Perry Barr-Birmingham

Aston Station: lnwra2311

Looking towards Vauxhall and Duddestone with Nechalls Park Road overbridge in the distance on 15th April 1961

Looking towards Vauxhall and Duddeston with Nechalls Park Road overbridge in the distance on 15th April 1961. On the right is the branch for the Midland Tar Distillers' sidings and the rear entrance to Nechells Gas Works, part of which can just be seen above the houses. The branch leaves the main line immediately before the bridge, to the left of the white hut which housed the ground frame. Bob Essery writes' The ground frame was locked by the signal box that controlled this section and the signalman would be asked to release the lock so that the points could moved to permit a train to enter the sidings. When the train was 'inside' the points would be returned to normal and the frame was locked by the signalman. The train could not leave the sidings until the signalman provided a release to enable the train guard or shunter to unlock the frame and alter the points to allow the train to depart. When this was done and the train clear of the sidings, the points were returned to normal and locked by the signalman.