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LMS Route: Trent Valley Line

Shilton Station: lnwr_shil3115

View of Shilton's main station structure which was sited on the bridge that carried Lutterworth Road over the Trent Valley line

The rear of Shilton station's road side structure showing the stairways down to the platforms. The rear of the building was constructed out of timber unlike the front and two sides which were built using brick. Its not known whether this was to reduce weight or cost but whatever the reason it resulted in a poor design as smoke would penetrate the building when locomotives passed beneath. Aesthetically it was poor too as the damage soon caused running repairs to be carried out resulting a patchwork of different sized timbers being used. The two stairways were covered by corrugated iron which were no substitute for the neat timber roofing more commonly used elsewhere. As Powell Hendry and Preston Hendry write in Volume One 'An Illustrated Survey of LMS stations' the LNWR civil engineers created a structure as devoid of merit as anything that modern architects can produce.